My Heart, My Art

My Scrapbook of Art and Interests

 I feel very lucky to live in 2008 so I can combine all my varied interest together in a Scrapbook Page.

  What  great joy it is to look forward to getting up in the morning and discovering new things with computers, polymer clay, quilting, photography and watercolor. 

 I hope I can inspire you to get out there and try something "You Have Always Wanted To DO". 

GO FOR IT IN 2008!   I AM!



 is a name that works for me with all my interest and art.

Hi, My name is Marty Woosley, Mineola, TX. (born and raised in Iowa) retired, 62, three kids who are grown and married. We have 5 grandkids. I am married to my high school sweetheart for 44 years. Lynn is a semi-retired (early) Richardson, TX police officer working bailiff duty 6 days a month back in Richardson, TX. This give us time to spend with our grandkids in the Dallas metroplex, San Antonio and Iowa along with our friends and also time for me to "shop the big city". 

Lynn and I are enjoying East Texas and making this town our home.  I never thought living in a town of 5200 would make me so happy. Mineola, Tx offers a whole lot to keep us busy.  I ENJOY the ease of travel to and from shopping spots. Tyler, TX. is  only 25 miles from us and offers us anything we might need.  Great food places--movies--shopping!   Lynn bought me a scooter for our Anniversary this year and he had one so we are now "bikers"!  We gave up our Antique booth this spring so don't do as much auction shopping but enjoy estate sales in the area and Dallas.  We decided to take an efficiency apartment in Dallas this Spring and now we do go in more often.



 On Jan. 31, 2004, Lynn and I brought home a new member of the family.  Buddy Joe, a 13 week old Yorkie puppy.  Now we are spending our time playing and training and walking a little sweet dog.  Hope I have time for my art?????  

  We have become silly over him!



Meet Buddy Joe!   He loved the wild flowers of East Texas this spring.  I took several pictures of him and thought I would share them with you here.  I did some editing on the one on the right and made it in to a computer generated watercolor.  Buddy has brought a bunch of fun to our lives.  He is growing up so fast!!!  


We are enjoying life to the fullest!

I have always done projects like sewing and quilting along with oil painting and pottery, but in the last 18 years, I have zeroed in on Polymer Clay and Watercolor. I am getting back into quilting mainly doing appliqué and miniature quilts. Photography has really taken me in---I love it.  Not sure why I take pictures of everything but the new digital cameras offer so much and the programs that are available make it such fun.  I bought a Nikon D40x this year so learning all of that camera is keeping me very busy.   The computer takes a good deal of my time and I still have so much to learn about. I guess you can say, "I am addicted!".  I started a blog this spring---it's good for me as I can look back and remember---remembering is really harder than it used to be.

These pages are testimony to the art I love. Lynn (hubby) and I celebrated our 44 th Wedding Anniversary on July 18th, 2008 and our 40th High School Class Reunion took place over Labor Day . 2004.  We have been spending time on our class reunion website and learning so much about web publishing but we are enjoy every minute of it.  Take a peak. Our next reunion will be sometime mid year 2009---our 45th!!!!

Please enjoy my page and come back for updates often.

I would love to know what you think about all the fun I have been having.

 Please comment if you have the time, Thanks.

This is a site where Lynn and I sell our overflowCheck it out often, you never know what we have up for sale!


Site where we sell stuff!





Gif designed by my very good friend,  Shirley Jones, Hermitage, Tn.  

Good Friends Sites  Check them out for some interesting websites.



I am back into watercolor this spring.  Taking some classes and hope to get inspired.    Check back for more watercolors soon.  

This is my latest watercolor.  Entered in the League of the Arts Fine Arts Show this May and it got an Honorable Mention Ribbon.  I am thrilled not just because of the mention but it is another finished watercolor!!!!!

Back Porch  2007


 Painted in Sept. 2001

This is on the gates at the Texas State Capitol


Click on thumbnails to go to larger picture.  


    I painted these pears from a    still life I set up.

I painted this picture from a small picture in Country Living.  I just love it and gave it to my hubby for his bath. 

Painted this for Christmas Cards a couple of year ago.

The one is called "PeeDee Shack".  It is the place I want to go to paint on the porch. Near the Pee Dee River. 

"Lemonade 2001"

"Minaleah"  One of my first painting for my friend

"Mike"  in Des Moines, Iowa.


Magnolias are beautiful in Texas!


Painted for a Christmas Card



House on Swiss Avenue in Dallas.



Would love to go here!


My First Watercolor



Painted this for some great friends in Johnston, Iowa.  

Meow Mix

One of my favorites

This is a link to a project sheet for a easel table I made for myself  You might find this project useable for clay or watercolor or just to have an extra flat surface for all your project needs!



A Cool Scene


I have been doing polymer clay for about 16 years now.  It is great for the hands with my arthritis and good for my spirit.  I have never been able to get all I want to do done and if I live 100 years, I am sure I still will be looking forward to tomorrow to see what I can do with my interests.  I believe if you keep you mind busy with learning, you will never grow old.   

These are just some of my projects.  A bit here and there but I love trying all kinds of projects.  


One of my first canes.

This necklace was inspired by syndee holt.  Every time I wear it, people come up and  as about what it is.

Bracelet made from leftover clay.


These amulets were made over small matchboxes.

See instruction at and check the Archives.


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